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Morris Code is here to assist you with the complete website design process as well as computer software maintainance, repair and support. 

We offer: 

  • Website Design
  • Search Engine Opitimization (helping your company be the first website found when searching online about your area of service)
  • Hosting of your site
  • Technical Solutions (helping you find answers to computer software related challenges - a virus on your computer, for example)
  • And so much more!  

Please see our complete list of services (and descriptions), to the right of this page.

Websites are quickly becoming the first place people go to seek information about a company.  Let Morris Code take your website to the next level and provide your customers with an outstanding first impression.

We all know that computers are machines which can once and a while cause problems that are not easy for all of us to solve.  Let Morris Code find the solutions to your technical support needs.

Need more information?  Need help with something that is not listed here?  Please feel free to contact us.  We understand that if you are not familiar with this process, it can be overwhelming.  We want to work with you and provide you with clear answers to your questions.  Don't forget, we also offer free quotations for any of our services. 

At Morris Code, we are dedicated to offering our clients excellent customer service.