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Mystique Designs
Mystique Designs was interested in having us design a unique and creative layout.  As a new and competitive logo design company, they needed their site to stand out.  We added individual page layouts throughout the Content Management System.  The Portfolio page was designed in a specific way to showcase and highlight a variety of different talents that their business has to offer.
BIRC Site Image
BIRC's website needs included a custom theme, rotating banners, and dynamic content.  The team at BIRC wanted a site that was easy to maintain, so we developed their site using a Content Management System.  Morris Code is pleased to provide ongoing site maintenance for BIRC.  
MICCAI 2011 Conference Site Image
MICCAI 2011 Conference
MICCAI 2011 was seeking a website that had an similar layout to their previous conference site.  We provided them with the website look they desired, along with updates, outgoing maintainance, and techinical support.
War of 1812 Casualties Database Site Image
We created a custom database and clean theme for the War of 1812 Casulties Database website, allowing the administrators of the site to easily add, change, and update their site.  We also created a logo based on their design preferences.
Robarts Research Institute - Imaging Site Image
Robarts Research - Imaging Labs came to Morris Code with request to create a website with the same look as The Robarts Research site in order to keep a uniform look.  In addition to having the two sites look the same, they also wanted to be able to have any Scientist's group within Robarts Imaging easily create a webpage with a similar look.
Bandeau Couture Site Image
Bandeau Couture
Morris Code designed the theme for Bandeau Couture based on the needs and preferred styles the company's "look".  We designed a e-commerce site, which allows sales transcations to take place directly on their website.  
Outdoor Specialties Image
Outdoor Specialties
Outdoor Specialities asked us to create a clean line, user friendly, simple website.  We were able to create a customized rotating banner, highlight their work and display their hard work through a online photo gallery.  
Computer-Assisted Medical Intervention Site Image
Computer-Assisted Medical Intervention (CAMI)
CAMI was interested in updating the look of their site to the same style as the University of Western Ontario's website, as they are a program affliated with the University.  CAMI also needed their site to be a Content Management System, allowing for easy updates and edits.  
MICCAI Society Site Image
MICCAI Society
The MICCAI Society website required us to take the existing HTML design and convert it into a Content Management System theme, allowing their team to be able to update and change information with ease.  Support is also provided for managing their mailing list and website.
M E Klein & Associates Site Image
We utilized a standard theme with modifications for the M E Klein & Associates, LLC website.  Design and maintenance of a custom module was created for staff to remotely enter data and save processing time.